107+ Digital Products to Sell on Etsy (2024)

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Looking for the best digital products to sell on Etsy for 2024? Then welcome to the digital crafter’s dream: Etsy in 2024. It’s where your creative spark meets a world eager for unique, do-it-yourself delights. From patterns that turn old jeans into trendy bags to print-at-home stationery for last-minute party throws, Etsy is the bustling online bazaar for all things handmade and digital.

But it’s not just about crafting what you love; it’s about crafting it smart. With a marketplace as vast as Etsy, standing out means blending standout designs with savvy marketing. In this guide, we give you a massive list of 107+ digital products to sell on Etsy. We hope you find that hot new product or your new favorite niche!

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Key Takeaways

  • Craft Unique Patterns: Offer distinctive patterns that cater to the DIY trend, focusing on sustainability and upcycling.
  • Diverse Printable Stationery: Provide a variety of stationery options, customizable to customer preferences.
  • Versatile Planners & Journals: Sell a range of planners and journals that are both functional and stylish, catering to different organizational needs.
  • Personalized Stickers: Design stickers that resonate with customer identities and interests.
  • Trendy Wall Art: Create wall art that reflects current home decor trends and personalization options.
  • Digital Assets for Branding: Supply a selection of digital tools that enhance online presence for businesses and bloggers.
  • High-Quality Photography & Videography: Offer professional-grade photos and video editing tools for content creators.
  • Stay Ahead of Trends: Keep your shop up-to-date with the latest trends to maintain customer interest.
  • Prioritize Quality: Ensure that every product you sell is of the highest quality to build a strong reputation.

Pattern and Template Digital Products To Sell On Etsy

Crafting Patterns

Etsy is a haven for the unique, and crafting patterns are the pillars of this vibrant marketplace.

They are the roadmaps that guide crafters to bring their visions to life.

From the stylish contours of sewing patterns to the delicate weaves of crochet, these digital blueprints are a crafter’s delight, merging the thrill of creation with the ease of detailed instructions.

Pros and Cons
High demand from crafting enthusiasts.Intense competition among creators.
Recurring income from a single design.Potential for design theft.
Embodies Etsy’s handmade spirit.Must keep pace with crafting trends.
  • Sewing Patterns: $5-$20. Trendy and practical designs are sought-after.
  • Crochet Patterns: $3-$12. Cherished for their comfort and adaptability.
  • Embroidery Patterns: $5-$15. Modern and personalized designs earn more.
  • Cross Stitch Patterns: $3-$12. Stand out with unique and whimsical designs.

1. Sewing Patterns

Sewing patterns on Etsy cater to diverse preferences, from vintage flair to modern simplicity.

They empower sewists to create custom apparel and décor, making fashion more personal. Offer a range of sewing patterns from clothing to home decor.

Highlight the joy of DIY fashion and the savings it offers. Create a series of patterns that cater to different skill levels to broaden your market.

2. Crochet Patterns

Crochet patterns open a world of texture and warmth. With the resurgence of crochet, offer patterns that range from amigurumi to apparel.

Provide video tutorials or step-by-step guides as an upsell or bonus to your patterns.

3. Embroidery Patterns

Embroidery patterns are the key to storytelling through fabric.

Capitalize on the mindfulness trend by offering embroidery patterns that serve as a creative outlet.

Bundle patterns with a guide on how to get started with embroidery to attract beginners.

4. Cross Stitch Patterns

Cross stitch patterns marry nostalgia with contemporary culture. They’re ideal for crafters who enjoy bringing pixel-like art to life through their needlework.

Leverage nostalgia with classic designs while also tapping into pop culture for modern appeal.

Offer custom pattern services for those looking to stitch personal images or messages.

Design Templates

Design templates on Etsy are the fast track to custom creations. They’re the go-to for personalized items, from wearable art to unique home goods.

T-shirt designs and SVG cut files let sellers tap into the custom merchandise trend with ease, without the hassle of managing a physical stock.

Pros and Cons
Wide appeal for custom items.High competition with talented designers.
Lucrative margins on unique designs.Need for continuous fresh designs.
Applicable to various products.Marketing savvy is crucial.
  • T-shirt Designs: $2-$35. Unique and niche designs can demand higher prices.
  • SVG Cut Files: $2-$25. Flexible for a range of crafts, from decals to paper projects.

5. T-shirt Designs

T-shirt templates on Etsy allow artists to project their visions onto a popular canvas. They tap into the market’s desire for uniqueness and self-expression.

With the rise of print-on-demand services, offer ready-to-print t-shirt designs that cater to niche interests. Provide tips on how to use these designs to create branded merchandise.

6. SVG Cut Files

SVG cut files are the essentials for diverse crafting projects. These are perfect for crafters with cutting machines.

Offer a variety of themes and suggest projects they can be used for, like vinyl decals or paper crafts.

7. Quilting Patterns

Quilting patterns are the Etsy digital world’s cozy corner. They offer a mix of tradition and innovation, attracting quilters looking for both comfort and a new spin on a classic craft.

Offer intricate designs and suggest how buyers can personalize them. Create a community around your patterns by starting a quilt-along or challenge.

Pros and Cons
Consistent demand from quilters.Specialized market with a particular audience.
Premium prices for detailed designs.Sales can be seasonal.
Creative joy for users.Need for ongoing design refreshes.
  • Quilting Patterns: $10-$35. The intricacy and creativity of a pattern can elevate its price.

8. Beading Patterns

These patterns range from simple stringing sequences to complex bead weaving, catering to both novice and experienced beaders alike.

Provide patterns for jewelry, home decor, and more. Offer tutorials on how to read beading patterns to attract newcomers to the craft.

Pros and Cons
Niche market with dedicated followers.Requires precision and detail in design.
Digital files allow instant access.Can be intricate, deterring beginners.
High potential for creative expression.Market trends can change rapidly.
  • Beading Patterns: $2-$15. Simpler designs are more affordable, while intricate patterns command higher prices.

9. Woodworking Plans

Woodworking plans on Etsy provide DIY enthusiasts with the blueprints to create everything from furniture to toys.

These plans must be detailed and accurate, offering a step-by-step process that users can follow with confidence.

Offer a range of projects from beginner to advanced, and provide a materials list to make starting the project easy.

Pros and Cons
Steady interest from DIYers and professionals.Requires comprehensive detail and accuracy.
Opportunity for selling supplementary guides.Complex projects may intimidate novices.
Large projects can command higher prices.Niche audience with specific needs.
  • Woodworking Plans: $10-$50. Price varies based on the complexity and scale of the project.

10. 3D Printing Models

3D printing models are at the forefront of digital crafting on Etsy.

These models range from practical household items to intricate figurines, appealing to hobbyists and professionals who own 3D printers.

Provide guidelines on printing settings for best results.

Pros and Cons
Growing market with tech-savvy consumers.Requires knowledge of 3D modeling software.
Potential for passive income with popular designs.Competition with free models available online.
Customizable models offer added value.Must keep up with evolving 3D printing technology.
  • 3D Printing Models: $5-$100. Custom or complex models can be priced higher.

11. Leather and Metalworking Templates

Leather and metalworking templates are for the artisans of Etsy, providing patterns for everything from wallets to jewelry.

These templates must be precise, as they often serve as the foundation for high-quality, handcrafted goods.

Offer customization options for templates, and provide a guide on basic leather and metalworking techniques to attract a wider audience.

Pros and Cons
High demand for artisanal products.Requires precision and expertise in design.
Templates can be used repeatedly.High-quality materials can be costly.
Opportunity to sell complete tutorials.Smaller audience for specialized crafts.
  • Leather Templates: $5-$30. More complex designs yield higher prices.
  • Metalworking Templates: $10-$50. Pricing reflects the intricacy and potential use of the template.

Stationery Digital Products To Sell On Etsy:

Stationery items are the unsung heroes of Etsy’s digital marketplace. They blend functionality with creativity, offering personalized solutions for both personal and professional needs.

From the charm of handmade cards to the practicality of labels and tags, digital stationery products are a go-to for those looking to add a personal touch to their correspondence and organization.

Small Printable Items:

12. Cards

A heartfelt message deserves a unique card. Digital cards are a hit for quick messages for any special day.

Offer customization options to increase sales, like adding names or personal messages, and highlight this USP in your product listings.

They’re like a digital hug, ready in a click.

Pros and Cons
Perfect for last-minute well-wishers.Crowded space, tough to get noticed.
Zero shipping, all the feels.Some folks still crave paper cards.
Endless styles, from witty to weepy.Must keep the designs fresh and relatable.
  • Cards: $1-$10. Custom art or messages can bump up the price.

13. Invitations

From backyard BBQs to golden anniversaries, Etsy’s digital invites cover all bases, blending convenience with celebration.

Capitalize on the DIY trend by providing editable invitation templates.

Offer a range of styles for different occasions and suggest matching items to create a full suite.

Pros and Cons
Custom invites without the wait.Many fish in this design sea.
Bundle deals can sweeten the pot.Some party planners prefer paper.
Save-the-dates to thank-yous, one-stop shop.Trend-chasing is the name of the game.
  • Invitations: $5-$20. More frills, higher bills.

14. Labels

Etsy labels turn chaos into order with style. They’re the secret sauce for a slick, organized vibe, from spice jars to file folders.

Create label templates for every need—from pantry organization to holiday gift tags.

Offer a bundle of varied designs to encourage bulk purchases.

Pros and Cons
Stick ’em once, find stuff forever.Simple shapes, easily copied.
Brands love ’em for the pro look.Design must work hard to stand out.
Bundle ’em up, watch ’em fly off the virtual shelves.It’s a design battle royale out there.
  • Labels: $2-$15. Custom jobs can command more coin.

15. Gift Tags

Etsy’s digital gift tags are the cherry on top of the gift-giving game. They say, “I thought of everything,” in a neat little tag.

Suggest pairing these with your card designs for a cohesive gifting experience.

Offer seasonal designs to tap into holiday markets, which can significantly boost sales.

Pros and Cons
Gifts with tags say “You’re special.”Holiday rush then crickets.
Upsell with matching gift wrap.Freebies are just a click away.
Cheap to make, sweet to sell.Got to dazzle to make ’em buy.
  • Gift Tags: $1-$5. Personal touches mean extra bucks.


Bookmarks from Etsy are like little guardians for your reading journey, marking your tale’s pause with panache.

Cater to niche interests with themed bookmarks.

Use Etsy’s SEO to your advantage by targeting specific genres or book clubs, and consider offering a ‘bookmark of the month’ subscription.

Pros and Cons
Readers dig ’em, gifters grab ’em.Digital vs. physical – the saga continues.
Low cost, high charm.Stand out or stand back.
Collect ’em, trade ’em, love ’em.Niche market, but loyal.
  • Bookmarks: $1-$5. Series or sets can stack up the price.

17. Stickers

Stickers aren’t just for kids—target planners, journal enthusiasts, and small business owners looking for branding stickers.

Offer custom design services as a unique selling point.

Pros and Cons
Planner peeps can’t get enough.Unique style is key to stick out.
Sell by the sheet or solo.Physical stickers still stick it to digital.
Dress up laptops to water bottles.Trendy today, passé tomorrow.
  • Stickers: $1-$10. The more unique, the pricier they get.

18. Sticker Sheets

Bundle these with complementary products, like planners or journals, and highlight the value-add in your descriptions.

Offer a discount on future purchases to encourage repeat customers.

Pros and Cons
Variety is the spice of sticker life.It’s a sticker jungle out there.
One design sesh, many happy customers.Variety’s great, but taste is king.
Theme ’em for seasons, reasons, and more.Some folks just love the sticker peel.
  • Sticker Sheets: $2-$10. Themes and brands can demand top dollar.

19. Label Sheets

They make life less messy and a lot more pretty.

Demonstrate the versatility of your label sheets with examples in your product photos—show them on jars, files, and gifts to inspire buyers.

Pros and Cons
Tidy drawers, tidy minds.When it’s a label war, may the best design win.
One buy, many uses.Against pre-printed labels, it’s a tough sell.
Tailor-made for the neat freaks.Got to cover all bases, sizes, and styles.
  • Label Sheets: $3-$15. Custom is king, and it pays.

Professional Templates:

20. Business Cards

Digital business cards are the handshake of the digital age. They’re a quick fix to making a memorable impression.

Offer a free virtual consultation for custom business card designs to increase value.

Highlight the importance of a memorable card in networking, which can be a game-changer for professionals.

Pros and Cons
Instant networking tool.Oversaturated market.
Endless design possibilities.Digital cards? Some still prefer the classic paper.
Eco-friendly, no paper waste.Must be stunning to stand out.
  • Business Cards: $5-$30. Premium designs can command higher rates.

21. Resume and Cover Letter Templates

A resume and cover letter template from Etsy can be the golden ticket to that dream job interview.

Provide tips on how to tailor a resume for different industries using your templates. This added value can set you apart from competitors.

Pros and Cons
First step to a dream job.Templates can get lost in a sea of options.
One template, endless applications.Job seekers may undervalue design costs.
Customizable for any profession.Must be adaptable yet unique.
  • Resume and Cover Letter Templates: $10-$50. The more comprehensive and versatile, the higher the price.

22. Invoice Templates

Etsy’s invoice templates turn the mundane task of billing into something sleek.

Suggest that a professional invoice reflects the quality of work. Offer a package deal with other business templates to appeal to startups and freelancers.

Pros and Cons
Makes billing less of a chore.Many free templates available.
Professional look ups the game.Must offer something extra to be worth the buy.
Customizable to fit any brand.Requires constant updates to stay ahead.
  • Invoice Templates: $5-$25. Customization and added features can increase value.

23. Letterhead Templates

Letterhead templates on Etsy give correspondence a professional edge. They’re the suit and tie of the written word.

Emphasize the role of a professional letterhead in branding.

Offer to include logo placement as part of your service, which can be a unique selling point.

Pros and Cons
Polishes any professional message.Digital communication trends can overshadow.
Easy to personalize for brand consistency.Must be exceptionally designed to compete.
One-time effort, long-term use.Templates need to be versatile for various businesses.
  • Letterhead Templates: $5-$30. Brand-specific designs tend to be pricier.

24. Envelope Templates

They’re the final touch that says, “This is worth opening.” Envelope templates are

Suggest that these are not just for mail but for document storage and gift vouchers. Offer customization to match the letterhead for a complete professional package.

Pros and Cons
Completes the professional package.Often overlooked in the digital age.
Adds a personal touch to mailings.Must be uniquely appealing to stand out.
Variety of designs for various occasions.Physical envelopes still hold the charm for many.
  • Envelope Templates: $2-$15. Unique or themed designs can fetch a higher price.

25. Calendars

Digital calendars keep life organized. They’re the silent personal assistant everyone needs.

Provide an option for buyers to start their calendar in any month, catering to mid-year planners. Highlight this flexibility as a key selling point.

Pros and Cons
Year-round relevance.A new one needed every year—repeat customers!
Customizable for personal or business use.Competition with free online calendars.
Functional and decorative.Must be user-friendly and visually appealing.
  • Calendars: $5-$20. More features and customizability can command higher prices.

26. Recipe Cards

Everyone loves good food! What better way to help spread the good things in life?

Recipe cards fit right into that culinary niche.

Offer to convert buyers’ favorite recipes into beautifully designed cards. This personal touch can turn a simple purchase into a treasured family heirloom.

You can double down by offering blank cards with great designs.

Pros and Cons
Cherished by home cooks and chefs alike.Plenty of free recipes available online.
Great for preserving family traditions.Must be beautifully designed to be worth the purchase.
Can be bundled with other kitchen printables for upselling.Niche market, but with passionate customers.
  • Recipe Cards: $3-$15. Bundles and themed collections can increase the value.

Planner and Journal Digital Products To Sell On Etsy:


27. Meal Planners

With a focus on healthy living, meal planners help users organize their dietary habits.

Meal planners are a staple for the organized and health-conscious. These digital guides help customers streamline their grocery shopping and meal prep. 

To spice up your offerings, include seasonal recipes or a guide to meal prepping for beginners.

Offer customization for dietary restrictions to cater to a wider audience.

Pros and Cons
Promotes healthy eating habits.Digital meal planning apps are stiff competition.
Saves time and money.Requires regular updating to stay fresh.
Customizable for dietary needs.Must stand out in a crowded market.
  • Meal Planners: $5-$20. The more features and customization, the higher the price.

28. Chore Charts

Chore charts bring order to households, They’re not just practical, they turn daily tasks into a game.

Offer charts for all ages, and to drive sales, create them with fun graphics that make daily tasks a little more enjoyable.

Pros and Cons
Encourages responsibility in kids and adults.Simple designs can be easily replicated.
Can be fun and engaging with the right design.Must be adaptable to different households.
Often leads to repeat purchases for updates.Needs to be user-friendly to be effective.
  • Chore Charts: $3-$15. Interactive or reward-based charts may command higher prices.

29. Planner Templates

Planner templates are the canvas for personal organization.

They meet a growing demand for customizable planning.

To make your templates a must-have, offer them in various styles and include productivity tips.

Pros and Cons
Centralizes life’s many to-dos.Abundance of free digital planners available.
Often purchased in bundles.Must offer unique features to be competitive.
High potential for customization.Requires continuous innovation to remain relevant.
  • Planner Templates: $10-$30. Comprehensive and niche-specific planners can be priced higher.

30. Project Planners

Ever tried to complete a project without a plan? It can be overwhelming.

By using a Project planner as a roadmap, you can complete any task efficiently. A good project planner should cater to a wide range of projects.

Offer a variety of project planners from home renovations to crafting, to expand your sales.

Enhance your listings by offering project planners that come with milestone trackers and resource lists.

Pros and Cons
Ideal for personal and professional projects.Digital project management tools are tough rivals.
Helps visualize progress and milestones.Must be intuitive and detailed to be useful.
Can be tailored for various project types.Needs to be regularly updated to stay ahead.
  • Project Planners: $7-$25. Specialized planners for industries like construction or software development can be more expensive.

31. Travel Itineraries

Travel itineraries help adventurers plan their trips down to the last detail.

On Etsy, these planners can be tailored for different types of travelers.

Increase their appeal by including packing lists and local tips.

Pros and Cons
Enhances travel experience with organization.Online travel apps provide stiff competition.
Can be customized for different travel styles.Must be rich in detail to be worth the purchase.
Great for both personal use and travel agents.Requires knowledge of travel trends and destinations.
  • Travel Itineraries: $5-$20. The more detailed and customizable, the higher the price.

32. Event Planners

Event planners are essential for anyone looking to organize gatherings without the stress.

Offer event planners that cover various occasions and provide checklists to ensure no detail is overlooked.

Pros and Cons
Essential for organizing any event.Many event planning tools available online.
Can be themed for specific events.Must be comprehensive yet simple to use.
Often leads to referrals and repeat customers.Needs regular updates to stay current with trends.
  • Event Planners: $10-$40. Planners for weddings or corporate events can demand higher prices due to their complexity.

Journal and Workbook Templates:

33. Workbooks & Worksheets

Workbooks and worksheets are the tools for learning and self-improvement.

They range from educational subjects to personal development.

To attract buyers, offer bundles that cater to different learning stages or goals.

Pros and Cons
High demand for educational resources.Requires expertise to create valuable content.
Repeat customers for different subjects.Digital learning platforms are competitors.
Can cater to a wide age range.Need for constant updates and new materials.
  • Workbooks & Worksheets: $5-$30. Specialized topics or bundles can increase the value.

34. Yearly Journal

A full yearly journal is a diary and time capsule in one.

On Etsy, these journals can be sold as comprehensive packages, guiding users through a year of reflection and growth.

To enhance their value, include prompts for each month and space for end-of-year reflections.

Pros and Cons
Encourages consistent journaling habits.Requires a strong design to stand out.
Potential for yearly repeat purchases.Must compete with physical journals.
Can include prompts for guided journaling.Needs to appeal to diverse journaling styles.
  • Yearly Journal: $10-$40. The inclusion of prompts and themes can justify a higher price.

35. Journal Inserts

Journal inserts offer a customizable journaling experience.

These digital downloads allow customers to add specific sections to their existing journals.

To improve sales, create themed inserts for hobbies, mindfulness, or productivity.

Pros and Cons
Allows for journal customization.Must be compatible with popular journal sizes.
Can be sold in packs for various needs.Faces competition from printable freebies.
High potential for creative designs.Requires marketing to showcase versatility.
  • Journal Inserts: $2-$15. Themed or artistically designed inserts can fetch higher prices.

36. Mood And Sleep Journal

A mood and sleep journal helps track emotional and physical well-being.

On Etsy, these journals cater to a growing interest in mental health.

To make your product stand out, include tips for improving sleep and mood alongside the tracking pages.

Pros and Cons
Growing awareness of mental health benefits.Must be user-friendly to encourage daily use.
Can be part of a holistic health approach.Requires a design that respects user privacy.
Opportunity for bundled sales with other wellness trackers.Needs to stand out in a niche market.
  • Mood And Sleep Journal: $5-$20. Integrated features like tips and insights can add value.

37. Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers on Etsy motivate and monitor progress for those dedicated to their health goals.

They can be specialized for different workouts or diet plans.

Boost your sales by offering customization for personal goals and progress charts.

Pros and Cons
Supports a healthy lifestyle.Abundance of free apps with similar functions.
Can be specialized for different fitness goals.Must be visually appealing and easy to use.
Often leads to repeat purchases for updates.Needs to offer unique features to be competitive.
  • Fitness Trackers: $3-$20. Trackers with detailed analytics and customization options can be priced higher.

38. Medical Trackers

Medical trackers are invaluable for managing health conditions.

On Etsy, these digital products can be life-changing, helping users monitor symptoms and medications.

To appeal to buyers, ensure your trackers are user-friendly and come with sections for doctor’s notes and appointment reminders.

Pros and Cons
Essential for managing chronic conditions.Must ensure user privacy and data protection.
Can be tailored to various medical needs.Requires a balance between simplicity and detail.
Potential for collaboration with health professionals.Needs to be adaptable to changing health trends.
  • Medical Trackers: $5-$25. Comprehensive trackers with customization for specific conditions can command higher prices.

39. To-Do Lists

To-do lists on Etsy are the simple yet powerful tools for productivity.

They sell well when they combine functionality with aesthetic appeal.

To increase interest, offer themed lists or those that can be integrated into digital planning apps.

Pros and Cons
High utility and frequent usage.Simple format means high competition.
Potential for various thematic designs.Must offer unique features to stand out.
Often purchased in bundles with other planning tools.Needs to be visually appealing to attract buyers.
  • To-Do Lists: $1-$10. Bundles and themed lists can increase the perceived value.

40. Budget Trackers

Budget trackers on Etsy are the financial planners’ best friend. Or perhaps not?

To drive sales, include features like expense categorization and savings goals, and offer customization for different financial strategies.

Pros and Cons
High demand for personal finance tools.Must compete with comprehensive budgeting apps.
Can lead to better financial habits.Requires a design that is both simple and detailed.
Opportunity for upselling with financial advice inserts.Needs to be customizable to user’s financial situations.
  • Budget Trackers: $3-$20. Trackers offering insights and tips for financial management can be

Educational Digital Products To Sell On Etsy:

41. Educational Worksheets

Educational worksheets are tailored to complement school curricula. Imagine a set that simplifies fractions for third graders.

Tailor-made worksheets that cater to different learning styles and subjects can help students reinforce their knowledge.

To enhance sales, consider offering packages by academic year or subject, and for added value, provide custom worksheet services upon request.

Interactive and visually appealing worksheets can be particularly popular.

Pros and Cons
High demand for diverse subjects.Requires expertise to ensure accuracy.
Repeat purchases for different levels.Digital learning platforms are strong competitors.
Great for homeschooling and tutoring.Need for regular updates to stay relevant.
  • Educational Worksheets: $1-$15. Bundles and comprehensive subject matter can increase value.

42. Study Guides

Summarized content that distills complex subjects into clear, concise points. These can be a big hit, especially during exam seasons.

For added appeal, integrate diagrams and mind maps.

Drive more sales by assembling subject-specific bundles, and increase profitability by offering premium, comprehensive guides for entire academic programs.

Consider adding mnemonic devices or visual aids to enhance memorability.

Pros and Cons
Essential for exam preparation.Must be up-to-date with current curricula.
Can be tailored to various educational systems.Faces competition from established publishers.
Opportunity for niche subjects.Requires marketing to reach target audience.
  • Study Guides: $5-$30. Detailed and subject-specific guides can demand higher prices.

43. Language Learning Resources

Craft language learning aids that support linguistic exploration, from basic vocabulary to conversational fluency. Offer practical conversation practice and grammar drills.

Include audio files for pronunciation guides to increase value.

Stand out by creating themed modules, such as “French for Travelers.”

Encourage repeat business with tiered offerings that cater to different proficiency levels and consider membership options for ongoing learning.

Pros and Cons
Growing interest in self-paced learning.Competition with free online resources.
Can be paired with audio and video content.Requires linguistic expertise to create.
Recurring sales for advancing levels.Needs to cater to different learning styles.
  • Language Learning Resources: $5-$50. Comprehensive packages with multimedia content can be priced higher.

44. Music Lessons

Aspiring musicians seek out lessons that offer step-by-step instruction.

Video tutorials or interactive sheet music can make these products more attractive.

Offer structured music lessons that cater to diverse musical tastes and skill sets.

Highlight testimonials to build credibility.

To increase sales, create lesson packages for various levels of expertise, and consider offering personalized feedback sessions as a premium service.

Pros and Cons
Appeals to all age groups.Requires knowledge of music theory and practice.
Potential for video integration.High competition from free tutorials.
Can be specialized for different instruments.Needs to stand out with unique teaching methods.
  • Music Lessons: $10-$100. Lessons offering personal feedback or advanced techniques can command premium prices.

45. Flashcards

Help make memorization a game by developing flashcards.

Digital flashcards with spaced repetition algorithms can be a unique selling point.

Innovate with flashcards that make learning interactive and engaging, perhaps through thematic designs or gamification elements.

Drive additional sales by offering bespoke flashcard sets.

Consider a subscription model for regular content updates, enhancing both learning outcomes and revenue streams.

Pros and Cons
Effective for a variety of subjects.Simple to create, hence high competition.
Popular among students of all ages.Must be visually appealing to catch attention.
Great for self-testing and review.Requires constant refreshing to stay appealing.
  • Flashcards: $2-$20. Unique and well-designed sets can fetch higher prices.

46. Skill-building Workbooks

These step-by-step guides help build competence and confidence. Skill-building Workbooks help users develop new skills, whether it’s coding or creative writing.

A series that promises to bolster communication skills could captivate professionals.

Encourage bulk purchases by offering a progression of workbooks with increasing complexity.

Pros and Cons
Supports lifelong learning.Must provide real value to stand out.
Can target specific skills and industries.Faces competition from professional courses.
High potential for upselling series.Needs to be updated with industry changes.
  • Skill-building Workbooks: $10-$50. Workbooks with expert insights and practical exercises can be priced higher.

47. Interview Preparation Guides

Interview preparation guides on Etsy are the secret weapons for job seekers. Job seekers need these guides to make a great first impression.

Include common questions, tips, and mock interview scripts.

Supply interview preparation guides that give job seekers an edge, with insights from various industries. To add value, offer customization for different career paths.

Bundle these with mock interview sessions for a comprehensive package that commands a higher price point.

Pros and Cons
High demand in a competitive job market.Requires knowledge of HR and current hiring trends.
Can be tailored to specific industries.Competition with career coaches and services.
Opportunity for bundling with resume templates.Must be adaptable to different career levels.
  • Interview Preparation Guides: $10-$40. Comprehensive guides with mock interviews and tips can demand higher prices.


48. Career Development eBooks

Professionals looking to advance their careers will find value in eBooks that offer industry insights and career advice.

Compose career development eBooks that serve as a roadmap for professional growth, perhaps focusing on emerging sectors.

To drive sales, pair eBooks with complimentary webinars or workshops, and create a series targeting different career levels to foster customer loyalty.

Pros and Cons
Wide audience from entry-level to executives.Requires authoritative knowledge on career growth.
Potential for series on different career stages.Faces competition from established authors and publishers.
Can be updated and expanded over time.Needs to provide unique insights to be valuable.
  • Career Development eBooks: $15-$100. In-depth and specialized content can justify a higher price point.

49. Personal Development eBooks

Personal Development eBooks on Etsy are the silent mentors. They’re the catalysts for change, inspiring growth and self-improvement from the inside out.

EBooks that guide readers through self-improvement journeys can cover topics from productivity to mindfulness.

Curate personal development eBooks that address key self-improvement areas, using evidence-based strategies.

To differentiate, include case studies that demonstrate real-world applications.

Upsell with personalized coaching sessions for those seeking a more interactive experience.

Pros and Cons
Evergreen content with consistent demand.Saturated market with many free resources.
High potential for passive income.Requires genuine expertise and unique perspectives.
Opportunities for series and follow-up products.Needs strong marketing to stand out.
  • Personal Development eBooks: $10-$50. Exclusive content with actionable steps can command higher prices.

50. How-To Guides

How-To Guides on Etsy are the DIY enthusiasts’ best friend. Step-by-step manuals for everything from home repair to crafting can be very popular.

Ensure they are detailed and beginner-friendly.

Create practical how-to guides that equip users with the skills to undertake new ventures, like urban gardening.

To boost sales, consider offering supplementary video content. Increase transaction values by bundling guides covering related topics.

Pros and Cons
Practical and often in high demand.Must be clear, accurate, and user-friendly.
Can cover a vast range of topics.Faces competition from video tutorials and blogs.
Great for visual learners with step-by-step images.Requires regular updates to ensure relevance.
  • How-To Guides: $5-$30. Detailed guides with images and exclusive tips can be more valuable.

51. Reference eBooks

Quick-reference materials for professionals, like coders or graphic designers, can be handy and in demand.

Establish authority with reference eBooks that serve as resources on specialized subjects, like sustainable living practices.

For a recurring revenue model, provide annual updates or editions. Enhance user engagement and sales by developing interactive eBook features.

Pros and Cons
Useful for students, professionals, and hobbyists.Must be meticulously researched and sourced.
Can become a staple resource with updates.Competition with online databases and websites.
Niche topics can command a loyal following.Requires a balance of depth and accessibility.
  • Reference eBooks: $10-$60. Specialized subjects and comprehensive research can increase the value.

52. Online Courses

Online courses that offer in-depth knowledge on specific subjects can attract serious learners.

Include assignments and certificates to add credibility.

Design online courses that deliver structured learning experiences, such as a program on project management fundamentals.

To attract early adopters, implement introductory pricing strategies, and add value with certification upon completion to appeal to professional development seekers.

Pros and Cons
High perceived value with comprehensive content.Production of high-quality video and materials is resource-intensive.
Opportunity for student engagement and community building.Requires expertise and possibly a team to create.
Potential for a wide range of topics and skill levels.Must compete with established online course platforms.
  • Online Courses: $30-$300. Courses with professional production, accreditation, or expert instructors can demand premium pricing.

Wall Art Digital Products To Sell On Etsy

53. Wall Art

Wall Art on Etsy is the instant makeover for any space. It offers endless versatility, from abstract designs to digital reproductions of classic paintings.

Artists can capitalize on trends while also offering timeless pieces that appeal to a broad audience.

Consider a series that captures the essence of different cities.

Boost your sales by offering a mix-and-match bundle deal, and for an upscale option, provide a service to commission bespoke pieces.

Pros and Cons
Wide range of styles appeals to diverse tastes.Highly competitive with abundant options.
Potential for large-scale prints and high-ticket sales.Digital quality must be high to ensure customer satisfaction.
Easy to distribute with no shipping required.Artistic originality is key to stand out.
  • Wall Art: $5-$50. Price varies widely based on the artist’s reputation and the uniqueness of the piece.

54. Posters

Posters on Etsy are the go-to for those looking to add personality to their walls. They range from vintage reproductions to modern minimalist designs.

Posters that resonate with pop culture, music, or motivational themes can become bestsellers.

Exclusive designs with a personal touch can set your offerings apart.

Think of a line that features iconic movie quotes with a vintage twist.

To sell more, create a ‘buy two, get one free’ offer, and for added revenue, offer to print and ship for a premium.

Pros and Cons
Popular among a younger demographic.Trends change quickly; designs can become outdated.
Often purchased in multiples, increasing sales.Requires a keen eye for what’s “in.”
Lower price point can lead to higher volume sales.Must maintain a high standard of design quality.
  • Posters: $10-$30. Limited edition or signed posters can fetch higher prices.


Inspirational or humorous quotes in unique typography can brighten up any space.

Customizable options allow buyers to feel a personal connection to the artwork.

Curate a collection of digital quotes that inspire humor, thoughtfulness, or inspiration.

Perhaps a series of coffee-themed sayings for the kitchen.

Increase sales by offering custom quote services, and consider a subscription model where customers receive a new quote weekly.

Pros and Cons
High demand for motivational and inspirational content.Must be visually appealing to complement the text.
Can be personalized, increasing value.Abundant free resources can limit sales.
Easy to create and diversify.Copyright issues can arise with famous quotes.
  • Quotes: $3-$20. Customization and unique design elements can justify a higher price tag.

56. Paintings

Digital Paintings on Etsy allow for the distribution of fine art without the logistics of handling delicate originals.

Offering a variety of styles ensures there’s something for every potential customer.

To enhance appeal, provide a virtual framing service, and to encourage higher sales, offer a discount on multiple purchases.

Learn to create digital art that ranges from abstract to hyper-realistic with our in-depth tutorial.

Pros and Cons
Appeals to art lovers who appreciate digital mediums.Digital reproduction must be of high quality to satisfy customers.
No need to worry about shipping and handling of originals.Difficult to convey the texture and depth of physical paintings.
One creation can be sold multiple times.Artistic talent and uniqueness are crucial.
  • Paintings: $15-$100. The price can increase with the artist’s popularity and the complexity of the work.

57. Custom Portraits

Custom Portraits on Etsy offer a personal touch, turning photos into stylized art pieces. Whether they’re of people, pets, or even houses, they can be heartfelt gifts.

Offering a custom portrait service can attract customers looking for something truly unique and personal. Specialize in custom portraits that capture unique personal stories or pet portraits of your furry friends.

Drive sales by showcasing a gallery of past work, and increase your earnings by offering ‘rush’ services for last-minute gifts.

Pros and Cons
High personal value can command higher prices.Time-consuming to create each custom piece.
Great for gifts and special occasions.Requires artistic skill and ability to capture likenesses.
Repeat business from satisfied customers is common.Managing customer expectations is crucial.
  • Custom Portraits: $30-$150. The level of detail and reputation of the artist can greatly influence the price.

Business Related Digital Products To Sell On Etsy

Branding and Social Media

58. Logos

Logos are the face of a brand, and on Etsy, they’re the first step for businesses looking to carve out their identity. 

Offering unique and memorable logo designs can attract startups and established businesses alike.

Your Etsy shop could be the birthplace of a brand’s visual identity with custom logo designs.

Think minimalist or maximalist, depending on your style.

To boost sales, offer a package deal that includes a logo with business card and letterhead designs.

Pros and Cons
High demand for unique, custom logos.Requires design expertise and creativity.
Can lead to further branding work.Competition with low-cost online services.
High perceived value by clients.Revision requests can be time-consuming.
  • Logos: $20-$200. Customization and brand complexity can drive up the price.

59. Branding Kits

Branding Kits are the full package, offering a cohesive look for businesses across all platforms.

Branding packages include color schemes, font pairings, and other visual elements that help businesses present a cohesive image.

Tailor kits for different industries, like tech startups or artisanal bakeries.

Encourage bulk purchases by providing tiered pricing for additional branded elements.

Pros and Cons
Comprehensive service leads to higher pricing.Can be a substantial time investment.
Potential for upselling additional services.Requires a broad skill set beyond logo design.
Builds long-term client relationships.Must stay updated with branding trends.
  • Branding Kits: $50-$500. The inclusion of various elements like typography, color schemes, and additional graphics can add value.

60. Social Media Templates

Social Media Templates are the go-to for businesses looking to maintain a consistent and professional online presence.

With social media’s dominance, templates for Instagram posts, Facebook covers, and Pinterest graphics are indispensable.

Offer a variety of styles, from corporate to quirky. Increase your revenue by offering a subscription service for regular template updates.

Pros and Cons
Recurring need as businesses post regularly.Must be adaptable to various platforms and updates.
Opportunity for subscription-based sales.High competition from free and low-cost options.
Templates can be sold to multiple clients.Requires marketing to stand out.
  • Social Media Templates: $10-$100. Bundles and subscription services can increase earnings.

61. Podcast Covers

As the podcast industry booms, eye-catching cover art can help a podcast stand out in a crowded market.

Design podcast covers that can make any audio show pop in a crowded market.

Offer genre-specific designs, from true crime to wellness.

To sell more, bundle podcast covers with promotional social media graphics.

Pros and Cons
Growing podcast market increases demand.Niche market with specific design requirements.
Opportunity for creative expression.Must capture the essence of the podcast in a single image.
Can lead to repeat business for series.Requires understanding of branding and marketing.
  • Podcast Covers: $25-$150. Unique, eye-catching designs that resonate with the podcast’s theme can command higher prices.

62. YouTube Channel Art

YouTube Channel Art sets the stage for content creators, providing a visual identity for their channel.

Custom banners and video thumbnails can significantly enhance a channel’s visual appeal, encouraging more clicks and views. Help YouTubers catch eyes with striking channel art.

Consider creating themed packages for gaming, beauty, or educational channels. Upsell with matching video intro animations for a complete branding package.

Pros and Cons
Essential for YouTubers to brand their channel.Design must be versatile across devices.
Can lead to additional work like thumbnails and animations.YouTube’s frequent layout changes can affect design longevity.
High visibility can lead to referrals.Must stand out in a crowded market.
  • YouTube Channel Art: $15-$200. Complexity and additional elements like custom illustrations can increase the price.


63. Website Templates

Website Templates are the foundation for anyone looking to establish an online presence quickly and efficiently.

Pre-designed website layouts that are easy to customize are an excellent option for many businesses.

Sell website templates that cater to a range of businesses, from e-commerce to personal blogs.

Offer customization services to tailor templates to specific brand colors and fonts.

Drive sales by providing a guide on how to use and customize the templates.

Pros and Cons
High demand for easy-to-use web solutions.Requires knowledge of web design trends.
Potential for high earnings per sale.Must ensure compatibility with various browsers and devices.
Opportunity for customizations and updates.Support and updates can be time-intensive.
  • Website Templates: $30-$300. Customizable and responsive designs can command premium prices.

64. UI/UX Design Templates

Templates for app interfaces and user experience flows can save developers time and ensure a polished look.

Offer UI/UX templates that streamline app and web design for developers.

Include user-friendly guides to increase their appeal to beginners.

To make more money, offer a consultation service for customization and implementation.

Pros and Cons
Growing demand with the rise of app development.Requires up-to-date knowledge of best practices.
Can be sold to developers and designers alike.Must be versatile and adaptable to different projects.
High potential for return customers.Requires continuous learning to stay relevant.
  • UI/UX Design Templates: $10-$200. The complexity and inclusivity of elements can increase value.

65. Banner Templates

Banner Templates are essential for businesses and bloggers looking to advertise online.

Templates that are both attractive and easy to adapt can be very successful.

Craft banner templates for online advertising or website headers. Create a series for various seasons and events.

Sell more by offering a bundle of matching social media and email marketing templates.

Pros and Cons
Regular need due to online advertising.High competition from free online tools.
Can be repurposed for multiple platforms.Requires marketing skills to reach potential buyers.
Opportunity for volume sales.Must be updated with advertising platform changes.
  • Banner Templates: $5-$50. Multipurpose and editable templates are more valuable.

66. Thumbnail Templates

Video content creators are always on the lookout for templates that can make their content pop and drive viewer engagement.

Design eye-catching thumbnail templates for platforms like YouTube and blogs. Offer a range of styles from minimalist to bold and colorful.

Boost sales by providing a tutorial on how to customize the templates for different content.

Pros and Cons
Direct impact on video click-through rates.Must stand out in a sea of thumbnails.
Repeat business potential with content creators.Requires understanding of what drives viewer engagement.
Can be sold to a wide range of clients.Must be adaptable to changing content styles.
  • Thumbnail Templates: $2-$25. Bundles and series-specific designs can increase earnings.

67. Clip Art

Clip Art offers a fun and simple way to enhance any digital project.

Collections can be used for a variety of projects, from presentations to marketing materials.

Create unique clip art collections for use in digital projects. Think about themes like holidays, office life, or fantasy.

Encourage larger sales by offering a complete set with a variety of themed clip art.

Pros and Cons
Wide range of uses increases potential market.Oversaturated market with free options.
Easy to create in bulk.Requires a unique style to stand out.
Can be themed for holidays and events for seasonal sales.Must be mindful of copyright issues.
  • Clip Art: $1-$15. Unique and themed collections can fetch higher prices.

68. Fonts

Variety is the spice of life! Unique fonts can give a distinctive voice to any written content, and designers often seek out new and interesting typefaces.

Design digital fonts ranging from elegant scripts to modern sans-serifs.

Offer font bundles for different design needs.

Increase revenue by including a commercial license option for business use.

Pros and Cons
Fonts are in constant demand for branding.Font creation requires specialized skills.
Opportunity for licensing deals.Legal considerations for font distribution.
Can become a passive income stream.Competition with established font foundries.
  • Digital Fonts: $5-$100. Unique and comprehensive font families are more valuable.

69. Animated GIFs

Custom GIFs can make digital communication more engaging and are popular for social media, emails, and websites.

Create a series based on popular memes or reactions. Sell more by offering custom GIF services for businesses and influencers.

Pros and Cons
Popular for social media and messaging.Must be creative to create standout GIFs.
Can be sold in packs for various themes.Requires knowledge of animation software.
Potential for viral content.Must be optimized for size and compatibility.
  • Animated GIFs: $2-$20. Custom and branded GIFs can command higher prices.

70. EBook Covers

EBook Covers are crucial for making a strong first impression. A compelling eBook cover can make the difference between a download and a pass.

Designers can offer both templates and custom designs.

Offer genre-specific designs, from romance to self-help.

To upsell, provide a package that includes promotional graphics for social media.

Pros and Cons
Direct impact on eBook sales.Requires a good grasp of genre-specific design.
Opportunity for collaboration with authors.High competition with template-based services.
Can lead to full book design projects.Must capture the essence of the book in a single image.
  • eBook Covers: $50-$500. Custom and genre-specific designs can increase value.

71. Infographics

Infographics translate complex information into visually engaging graphics.

Templates that simplify this process are highly sought after.

Craft infographics that distill complex information into digestible visuals. Offer customization to align with a brand’s data and color scheme.

Increase sales by offering a discount for bulk orders for a series of infographics.

Pros and Cons
High demand for educational and marketing materials.Requires research and data visualization skills.
Can be used across various industries.Must be clear and concise to be effective.
Potential for viral sharing.Time-consuming to create.
  • Infographics: $10-$300. Detailed and data-rich infographics that tell a compelling story are more valuable.

72. Vector Images

Vector Images are scalable graphics that maintain quality across various sizes and uses.

High-quality vector images are scalable and essential for branding, making them a valuable asset for businesses. Sell high-quality vector images that designers can scale for any project.

Create themed sets for industries like fashion or technology. To make more money, offer custom vector design services.

Pros and Cons
Essential for branding and print materials.Requires expertise in vector graphic software.
One-time creation with endless scaling.Must be original to avoid copyright issues.
Wide appeal across industries.Can be a crowded market.
  • Vector Images: $5-$100. Unique and versatile vectors tailored to specific industries can demand higher prices.

73. Digital Illustrations

Custom illustrations can bring a unique flair to any project, from websites to product packaging.

Offer a range of styles, from children’s book illustrations to abstract art.

Drive sales by showcasing your portfolio and offering limited edition series.

Pros and Cons
Unique style can attract a dedicated following.Time-intensive to create.
High potential for custom commission work.Requires a strong portfolio to showcase style and range.
Versatile use from books to websites.Must continuously promote to maintain visibility.
  • Digital Illustrations: $10-$500. Pricing varies widely based on complexity and usage rights.

74. Email Templates

Email Templates provide a professional and cohesive look for business communications.

With email marketing being a key strategy for businesses, customizable templates that stand out in an inbox can be very popular.

Offer a variety of layouts for newsletters, product launches, and holiday sales.

Sell more by providing customization services for brand-specific designs.

Pros and Cons
High demand from businesses of all sizes.Requires knowledge of email marketing best practices.
Potential for bulk sales to marketing agencies.Must be compatible with multiple email clients.
Opportunity for updates and seasonal variations.Can be technical to ensure deliverability and display.
  • Email Templates: $5-$100. Customizable and responsive templates are more sought-after.

75. Email Signatures

Professional and creative email signatures can leave a lasting impression and are an essential part of personal branding. Design professional email signatures that make a lasting impression.

Offer templates that include social media icons and contact details. Boost sales by offering to integrate signatures with email clients for clients.

Pros and Cons
Enhances professional image.Simple designs may face stiff competition.
Can be upsold with email templates.Must be mindful of email client limitations.
Quick to produce and can be sold in packs.Requires a good design sense to stand out.
  • Email Signatures: $5-$50. Bundles with multiple design options can fetch higher prices.

76. Digital Badges

Want recognition for something online? Use a Digital Badge!

Badges for courses, certifications, or achievements can add value to educational and professional services offered online. Create digital badges for online courses, webinars, or workshops.

Offer custom designs for different achievements or milestones.

To increase revenue, provide a bundle of badges for educational platforms or events.

Pros and Cons
Growing trend in online education and gamification.Design must be appealing and signify prestige.
Can be sold to educators and community managers.Requires understanding of badge system integration.
Opportunity for series and collections.Must be distinctive to be valued.
  • Digital Badges: $2-$20. Custom and series-specific badges can increase value.

Photography Digital Products To Sell On Etsy

Photography is not just about capturing moments; it’s an art form that combines skill, creativity, and technology. On Etsy, photography digital products offer both amateur and professional photographers tools to enhance their craft and share their expertise.

77. Stock Photos

High-quality, unique stock photos can capture the attention of bloggers, website owners, and marketers looking for that perfect image to complement their content.

Cater to bloggers, marketers, and media outlets. To increase your sales, offer themed photo bundles for different industries.

Check out our guide on how to create stock photos using AI.

Pros and Cons
High demand for unique, niche images.Saturated market with many free options.
Passive income once the photo is listed.Requires professional-level photography skills.
Versatile use across multiple platforms.Must have model and property releases for commercial use.
  • Stock Photos: $1-$100 per image. Exclusive or niche content can command higher prices.

78. Photo Presets

Photo Presets are pre-configured settings that help photographers achieve a specific look or style in their photos with one click.

The ability to apply professional grade edits with one click is a serious time saver for small businesses or creators.

Offer a variety of moods and styles, from vintage to tropical. Bundle presets for different lighting situations to enhance sales.

Pros and Cons
Popular among Instagram influencers and bloggers.Requires marketing to stand out.
Can be sold in bundles for various effects.Users need compatible software to apply presets.
Low overhead after initial creation.Trends in photo styles can change quickly.
  • Photo Presets: $5-$50. Collections and themed bundles are more valuable.

79. Photography Tutorials

Photography Tutorials provide step-by-step instructions and insights into photography techniques and processes.

Both beginners and advanced photographers are always looking to improve their skills, making tutorials a valuable resource.

Cover basics for beginners or niche techniques for advanced photographers.

Boost your revenue by offering personalized online workshops.

Pros and Cons
Educational content has a long shelf life.Must be knowledgeable and experienced.
Can target various skill levels.High-quality production is necessary for engagement.
Opportunity to build a brand as a photography expert.Competition with free online resources.
  • Photography Tutorials: $10-$200. Comprehensive and niche tutorials can be priced higher.

80. Digital Backgrounds

Digital backgrounds are perfect for graphic designers and photographers looking to add depth or context to their images without a physical backdrop.

Offer digital backgrounds for photographers and content creators to add flair to their compositions. Include a range of scenes from urban to natural landscapes.

To sell more, provide a guide on how to best utilize these backgrounds in various projects.

Pros and Cons
Enhances photos without on-location shoots.Requires high-resolution and quality designs.
Popular with portrait and product photographers.Can be technical to use effectively.
Wide range of potential themes and styles.Must be versatile to appeal to a broad audience.
  • Digital Backgrounds: $2-$30. Unique and high-quality backgrounds are more sought-after.

81. Printable Photography

Art lovers and interior decorators search for printable photography to create instant wall art that’s both affordable and interchangeable.

Sell high-resolution printable photography that customers can use for home decor or office spaces.

Offer a range of themes and sizes. Increase sales by offering a printing and shipping service for those who prefer physical copies.

Pros and Cons
Attractive for home decor and gifts.Must ensure high-resolution for printing.
One-time creation with unlimited selling potential.Printing results vary based on customer’s printer.
Can be themed for holidays and events.Licensing must be clear to prevent misuse.
  • Printable Photography: $5-$50. Pricing depends on the uniqueness and versatility of the image.

82. Photography Filters

Filters that add artistic flair or correct lighting in photos can be a game-changer for photographers looking to create a signature style.

Cater to mobile photographers or professionals. Sell more by offering a tutorial on how to apply and adjust these filters for the best results.

Pros and Cons
Can transform ordinary photos into artistic pieces.Users need compatible editing software.
Sell as individual filters or themed packs.Market trends can shift preferences quickly.
Opportunity for cross-promotion with tutorials.Must be user-friendly for non-professionals.
  • Photography Filters: $2-$20. Bundles with a variety of filters can command higher prices.

83. Lightroom Presets

These are similar to photo presets, specifically designed for Adobe Lightroom software.

Adobe Lightroom users rely on presets for quick photo editing and to achieve a uniform look across their portfolio.

Offer presets for different photography styles, such as portrait or landscape. To increase sales, create a subscription model for regular preset updates.

Pros and Cons
Streamlines the editing process for photographers.Specific to Lightroom users, limiting the market.
High potential for repeat customers.Must offer a range to cater to different styles.
Can be marketed to both professionals and hobbyists.Requires a good understanding of Lightroom’s capabilities.
  • Lightroom Presets: $10-$100. Comprehensive sets tailored to professional use are more valuable.

84. Photo Editing Tutorials

With the rise of visual content, photo editing skills are in demand.

You can capitalize on the growing demand with step-by-step tutorials. From basic retouching to advanced compositing, cater to a range of skill levels.

Offer package deals that include tutorials and the necessary editing tools.

Pros and Cons
High demand for learning editing skills.Must compete with free tutorials available online.
Can be tailored to different skill levels.Requires clear, concise, and professional instruction.
Opportunity to upsell related products.Production quality must be high to engage users.
  • Photo Editing Tutorials: $15-$150. In-depth and specialized tutorials can demand higher prices.

Videography Digital Products To Sell On Etsy

Videography digital products cater to the growing number of content creators, filmmakers, and businesses looking to enhance their video content. Etsy’s marketplace serves as a creative hub for both novice and experienced videographers.

85. Video Presets

These are pre-configured color grading settings that help achieve a certain look.

Simplify the color grading and effects process for editors by providing presets for popular video editing software.

Jumpstart the editing process with video presets that offer a professional look in seconds. Tailor them for various platforms like YouTube or Instagram.

To drive sales, bundle presets by theme or video type.

Pros and Cons
Streamlines post-production workflow.Requires users to have compatible video editing software.
Attractive to both amateurs and professionals.Competition with free presets available online.
Can be sold as individual presets or in bundles.Trends in color grading can change, affecting demand.
  • Video Presets: $10-$100. Bundles and unique cinematic looks can command premium prices.

Video Templates

Video Templates are pre-made project files that help creators produce high-quality videos efficiently.

86. Wedding Video Templates

Offer a framework for creating memorable wedding videos, and help deliver a polished product.

Include options for different wedding themes. Upsell by offering custom edits or add-ons like matching save-the-date clips.

Pros and Cons
High demand for wedding-related content.Seasonal demand with peaks around wedding seasons.
Opportunity for customization upsells.Requires a portfolio to showcase style and quality.
Can command higher prices due to the niche market.Must be adaptable to different wedding themes.
  • Wedding Video Templates: $50-$300. Customizable and comprehensive templates are highly valued.

87. Music Video Templates

Music Video Templates offer a creative starting point for artists and directors to visualize their music.

Provide a rhythmic structure that can be the backbone of a visually striking music video.

Offer a range of genres, from pop to indie. Increase your earnings by providing a service to customize templates with client-provided footage.

Pros and Cons
Appeals to a wide range of music genres.Must be original to avoid copyright issues.
Potential for viral content creation.Requires regular updates to stay trendy.
Can be marketed to independent artists.High competition from professional services.
  • Music Video Templates: $25-$200. Unique and versatile templates can demand higher prices.

88. Animated Video Templates

These are ideal for creators looking for ready-made animations to tell a story or explain concepts with flair.

Cater to educators, marketers, and storytellers. To boost sales, offer a series of tutorials on customizing animations.

Pros and Cons
Growing demand for animated content.Requires expertise in animation software.
Suitable for educational, promotional, and entertainment videos.Time-consuming to create high-quality templates.
High potential for customization requests.Must offer a range of styles to suit different tastes.
  • Animated Video Templates: $30-$250. Complexity and uniqueness can increase the value.

89. Video Thumbnails

Similar to a book, the first impression viewers get from a video is the cover image.

Customizable thumbnails can make videos stand out. That’s a crucial point for YouTubers and content creators.

Craft eye-catching video thumbnails that drive clicks and views.

Offer a variety of styles to suit different video content. Sell more on Etsy by providing a thumbnail design service with quick turnaround times.

Pros and Cons
Essential for YouTube creators to stand out.Simple designs may face stiff competition.
Can be created in bulk for various niches.Must be eye-catching to drive clicks.
Opportunity for package deals with video templates.Trends in thumbnail design change rapidly.
  • Video Thumbnails: $5-$50. Custom and branded thumbnails are more valuable.

90. Video Transitions

Video Transitions are custom effects that allow for seamless switching between scenes or clips.

Smooth and creative transitions are essential for a professional look and can be a key selling point for video editors.

Offer packs sorted by mood or style. To add value, include a tutorial on how to best integrate transitions into projects.

Pros and Cons
Enhances the professionalism of videos.Users need editing skills to implement transitions.
Wide variety of styles can appeal to different creators.Must be compatible with popular video editing software.
Can be sold as packs for different types of content.Requires demonstration videos to showcase effects.
  • Video Transitions: $10-$100. Unique and complex transitions can command higher prices.

91. Video Overlays

Video Overlays add texture, light effects, or additional visual elements to footage, enhancing the storytelling aspect. Design video overlays that add texture and depth to footage.

From light leaks to weather effects, provide a variety for different scenarios. Increase sales by offering custom overlay design services.

Pros and Cons
Adds depth and interest to videos.Overuse can detract from the main content.
Versatile use across various video projects.Users need some editing knowledge to apply overlays correctly.
High potential for repurchase as trends evolve.Large files can be challenging to download and store.
  • Video Overlays: $5-$50. Unique and high-quality overlays can justify higher prices.

92. Stock Videos

Stock Videos provide ready-to-use footage for creators looking to save time on shoots and production. High-quality stock footage is always in demand.

Curate a collection of stock videos that cater to a wide range of needs. From cityscapes to nature shots, provide clips that help bring stories to life.

To sell more, offer bulk discounts or subscription access.

Pros and Cons
High demand for quality stock footage.Requires significant effort to create diverse content.
Recurring sales potential with evergreen content.Competition with large stock video platforms.
Useful for a wide range of video projects.Licensing and usage rights must be clear.
  • Stock Videos: $10-$500. Pricing varies greatly depending on the quality and exclusivity.

93. Drone Footage

This type of footage offers a bird’s-eye view, providing a grand scale and cinematic quality to video projects.

Aerial shots can elevate a video’s production value, and drone footage is sought after for this unique perspective.

Sell breathtaking drone footage that offers a bird’s-eye view of landscapes and cityscapes. Ensure variety in your collection.

Boost sales by offering to create custom drone shots on request.

The big downside here is that you need a drone. A decent drone can be quite affordable though. Happy flying!

Pros and Cons
Unique perspective that’s highly sought after.Requires a drone and piloting skills.
Can command premium prices for exclusive footage.Legal restrictions on drone flying can limit opportunities.
Attractive for real estate, travel, and event videos.Storage and handling of large video files.
  • Drone Footage: $50-$1000. Exclusive and high-resolution footage increases value.

94. Video Intros

The opening moments of a video are critical. Well crafted intros can hook viewers immediately or make them click the next button.

Offer customizable video intros that make a lasting first impression.

Provide options for different channel themes. To increase sales, provide a bundle of intros with matching outros.

Pros and Cons
Essential for brand consistency in video series.Customization requests can be time-consuming.
One-time creation can lead to multiple sales.Must be adaptable to various branding styles.
Opportunity for upselling with full video packages.High competition from video intro makers.
  • Video Intros: $20-$300. Custom and intricate designs can demand higher prices.

95. Video Effects (VFX)

Visual Effects are digital enhancements or manipulations that are added to footage to create realistic or fantastical scenes. We’ve all seen them. Think Harry Potter casting a spell.

I worked in film for years, so believe me; sci-fi, fantasy, action and even documentary films all need good effects.

Sell more by offering a guide on how to apply and tweak VFX for maximum impact.

Pros and Cons
High value-added to production quality.Requires advanced skills in VFX software.
Wide range of applications from indie films to YouTube videos.Time-intensive to create and render.
Potential for custom project requests.Must stay updated with the latest VFX trends.
  • Video Effects (VFX): $25-$500+. Complexity and customization can significantly increase prices.

Audio Digital Products To Sell On Etsy

Etsy’s digital marketplace extends into the realm of audio, offering a symphony of sound-based products for various needs, from entertainment to professional projects.

96. Original Music Tracks

We all like good music. Well how about selling good music? Sounds good to me.

Create music that can be used in videos, podcasts, or as standalone pieces. Sell those creations to indie filmmakers or content creators.

Consider offering bundled genres to cater to specific moods or themes. To amplify your sales, offer custom composition services.

Pros and Cons
Unique content with copyright control.Creating high-quality music requires talent and equipment.
Versatile use across media.Licensing and copyright issues can be complex.
Potential for passive income with royalty-free options.Market saturation with music tracks.
  • Original Music Tracks: $20-$500. Exclusive rights can increase the value significantly.

97. Sound Effects

Pew pew! That’s a laser sound effect.

This one is the same as creating original audio music, except they are much shorter and made for a specific purpose. Essential for game developers and filmmakers.

Create packs based on different themes like ‘nature sounds’ or ‘urban noises’ for ease of use.

Build a large library of sound effects such as ambient noises and action sounds. Cover a wide range to have the best chance of returning customers.

Boost your sales by offering bundled packages or themed collections.

Pros and Cons
High demand for quality sound effects.Requires a library of diverse sounds.
Can be sold individually or in packs.Competition with free sound libraries.
Useful for a wide range of applications.Must ensure clarity and quality of recordings.
  • Sound Effects: $1-$100. Bundles and unique sounds can justify higher prices.

98. Ringtones

Ever heard someone’s amazing ringtone and turn red with envy? They likely bought it from Etsy.

Offer customization for a personal touch. Create unique ringtones that add personality to calls and notifications.

Offer a mix of music genres and soundscapes. To increase profits, consider custom ringtone services for individual clients or bundles.

Pros and Cons
Personalization drives sales.Smartphones have built-in options that may reduce demand.
Opportunity for creativity and branding.Must stand out in a crowded market.
Easy to create and distribute.Short shelf-life as trends change rapidly.
  • Ringtones: $0.99-$5. Popularity and uniqueness can affect pricing.

99. Podcast Intros/Outros

Podcast Intros/Outros set the tone for podcasts, providing a professional and memorable opening and closing. As a podcaster myself, I know the importance of a good catchy intro.

Let me know if I hit the mark or missed it entirely.

Craft engaging intros and outros for podcasts that set the perfect tone.

Offer a variety of themes and styles. Upsell by providing matching jingles or ad segments.

Pros and Cons
Essential for podcast branding.Customization can be time-consuming.
Can be paired with other podcast services for upselling.Niche market with specific clientele.
High potential for referrals in the podcast community.Requires understanding of branding and audio production.
  • Podcast Intros/Outros: $50-$300. Custom and high-quality production commands higher prices.

100. Audio Books

Narrated versions of written content, audio books provide a listening alternative to reading.

Offer samples to showcase narration styles and voice clarity in genres from self-help to fiction.

To boost sales, provide samples and bundle deals.

Pros and Cons
Growing market with the popularity of audiobooks.Production requires a good voice, equipment, and editing skills.
Passive income from a single production.Rights and permissions from authors or publishers needed.
Can reach a different audience than traditional books.Lengthy production process.
  • Audio Books: $100-$1000+. Length and production quality greatly influence price.

101. Meditation Music

With wellness being a priority, meditation tracks are in demand. Create series based on length or purpose, like ‘5-minute relaxation’ or ‘deep sleep’.

Compose soothing meditation music that helps listeners relax and find peace. Include different lengths and themes.

Increase revenue by offering personalized tracks for individual meditation practices.

Pros and Cons
High demand in the wellness industry.Requires knowledge of what promotes relaxation and focus.
Can be sold to businesses as well as individuals.A lot of free meditation music available online.
Opportunity for recurring sales with series or subscriptions.Must be original to stand out.
  • Meditation Music: $10-$50. Bundles and exclusive tracks can increase value.

102. Soundtracks

Soundtracks are collections of music intended to accompany movies, games, or other media.

Compose music for various scenes and sell them to indie creators. Offer a service to tailor these tracks to specific projects.

Ensure a range of moods and styles. To sell more, offer to create exclusive soundtracks tailored to specific projects.

Pros and Cons
Enhances the emotional impact of media.Can be complex to produce, requiring thematic consistency.
Can be sold to indie creators or for personal enjoyment.High competition from established composers.
Opportunity for custom commissions.Must be adept at various musical styles.
  • Soundtracks: $50-$1000+. Custom and exclusive compositions are priced higher.

103. Karaoke Tracks

Instrumental versions of popular songs, allowing users to sing along.

Supply karaoke tracks with quality backing music for popular songs.

Include lyric files for convenience. Drive more sales by offering custom tracks upon request.

Pros and Cons
Popular for entertainment purposes.Copyright restrictions on songs can be a hurdle.
Can be created for less-known songs to fill gaps in the market.Requires high-quality instrumental production.
Potential for themed bundles (e.g., 80s hits, Broadway tunes).Must update library with new hits to stay relevant.
  • Karaoke Tracks: $2-$20. Rarity and demand can affect pricing.

104. Music Production Tutorials

Music Production Tutorials teach the art of creating music, from composition to software use.

Offer tutorials on different production software or techniques. Share your knowledge with tutorials on music production. Cater to different skill levels and music styles.

To monetize further, offer advanced courses or personalized coaching sessions.

Pros and Cons
High interest in DIY music production.Requires in-depth knowledge and the ability to teach.
Can lead to upselling software presets or samples.Abundant free resources available online.
Opportunity for a series of tutorials for different skill levels.Must stay current with music production trends and software updates.
  • Music Production Tutorials: $10-$200. Comprehensive and specialized tutorials can command higher prices.

105. Voice Over Services

Offer your voice for commercials, audiobooks, or animation. Provide a portfolio of different tones and accents to showcase versatility.

Provide samples in various tones and languages.

Boost your earnings by offering package deals for multiple recordings.

Pros and Cons
Personal service with high demand.Requires a good speaking voice and recording setup.
Wide range of project types increases market size.Highly competitive field.
Opportunity for long-term client relationships.Must manage project timelines and client expectations.
  • Voice Over Services: $50-$500 per project. Rates vary based on project length and complexity.

Other Digital Products To Sell on Etsy

The digital landscape on Etsy is vast and varied, offering an array of products that cater to hobbies, entertainment, and personal development.

106. Puzzles

I love a good puzzle and having them easily downloadable for instant enjoyment is a real win. Fun and challenging activity for all ages, puzzles challenge and entertain.

Create themes for holidays or special occasions and provide varying difficulty levels to cater to all ages.

To increase sales, consider personalized puzzles featuring customer photos.

Double down and offer physical puzzles by using a print on demand service like Printful or Gelato.

Pros and Cons
Engaging content with repeat usage potential.Requires creative and unique puzzle designs.
Low overhead costs after initial creation.Digital puzzles face competition from physical versions and apps.
Can target various niches and interests.Must ensure puzzles are solvable and error-free.
  • Puzzles: $2-$10. Complexity and uniqueness can justify higher prices.

107. Trivia Games

Trivia games are perfect for educational entertainment, offering a range of topics from pop culture to history.

Capitalize on the love for quiz nights by selling themed trivia games. Include instructions for virtual play to appeal to remote groups.

Engage minds with trivia games spanning various topics and difficulty levels.

Drive more sales by offering custom trivia game creation for events or themed games.

Pros and Cons
High replay value with different themes.Content must be regularly updated to stay relevant.
Great for social gatherings and parties.Must balance difficulty to appeal to a broad audience.
Potential for expansion packs and updates.Competition with free online trivia resources.
  • Trivia Games: $5-$20. Bundles and specialized topics can increase value.

108. Zoom Backgrounds

Creating backgrounds for zoom calls helps callers have a personalized touch in virtual meetings.

Remote work is here to stay so the demand will only go up. Offer serene landscapes,  whimsical designs and professional office settings.

To stand out, provide customizable options for corporate clients.

Pros and Cons
High demand due to remote work trends.Must stand out in a sea of free backgrounds.
Opportunity for custom and branded designs.Trends in backgrounds can change quickly.
Low production cost with high creative potential.Requires high-resolution and visually appealing designs.
  • Zoom Backgrounds: $1-$10. Custom corporate packages can command higher prices.

109. Wrapping Paper Patterns

Digital wrapping paper patterns allow users to print unique designs at home for any occasion. These can turn a gift into something special.

Sell digital wrapping paper patterns for every occasion. Offer a variety of themes and colors.

Boost your shop by providing matching gift tag designs.

Pros and Cons
Eco-friendly alternative to physical wrapping paper.Printing at home may not match the quality of store-bought paper.
Unlimited creative design potential.Users need access to a printer and may prefer convenience of pre-made paper.
Can be themed for holidays, birthdays, and more.Must offer patterns that are appealing and not easily replicated.
  • Wrapping Paper Patterns: $2-$15. Seasonal and bundle offerings can increase sales.

110. Digital Stamps

These can be used for scrapbooking, crafting, and decorating. Perfect for scrapbookers and DIY enthusiasts.

Offer a range of designs from vintage to modern, and consider custom design services.

Increase sales by creating custom stamp designs on request.

Pros and Cons
High demand in the crafting community.Requires unique designs to compete with physical stamps.
Can be sold to both hobbyists and professional designers.Digital nature means easy replication and sharing.
Opportunity for themed collections.Must continually create new designs to maintain interest.
  • Digital Stamps: $1-$5. Collections and unique designs can command higher prices.

111. Goal Setting Worksheets

Goal setting worksheets are tools to help users plan and achieve their personal and professional objectives.

Include motivational quotes, prompts and success tracking features.

To add value, offer a bundle or pair it with a printable poster or other item.

Pros and Cons
Appeals to a wide audience focused on self-improvement.Must be well-structured to be effective and stand out.
Can be part of a larger personal development package.Faces competition from free resources and apps.
Opportunity for customization and branding.Requires understanding of goal-setting principles and design.
  • Goal Setting Worksheets: $3-$10. Comprehensive systems and branded designs can increase value.

112. Guitar Tabs

Got someone in the family learning to play guitar? Gift them guitar tabs from your own shop.

Tabs provide musicians with the notation needed to play their favorite songs, catering to learners and enthusiasts alike.

Make sure you have popular songs, and consider creating beginner-friendly versions.

To increase your offerings, provide video tutorials or personalized tab creation for any song.

Pros and Cons
Popular with music learners and hobbyists.Copyright issues can arise with popular music.
Can cover various genres and difficulty levels.Must be accurate and easy to read.
Potential for video tutorial upsells.Faces competition from free online tab resources.
  • Guitar Tabs: $1-$5. Exclusive or hard-to-find songs can be priced higher.

113. Party Decorations

Printable decorations can transform any space for a celebration. Facilitate festive atmospheres with digital party decorations.

Allow customizable options for names, ages, and messages. From banners to cupcake toppers, offer a variety.

Upsell with complete party packs for different themes.

Pros and Cons
High demand for personalized and themed events.Requires frequent updates to match current trends.
Can be bundled with invitations and other party items.Competition with physical decorations and other digital sellers.
Low production cost after initial design.Customers must have access to a printer.
  • Party Decorations: $5-$20. Custom and comprehensive party packages can command higher prices.

114. Yoga Guides

Yoga guides provide structured routines and insights for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

Offer different levels from beginner to advanced, and consider including video or audio instructions. Include sequences, tips, and breathing techniques.

To enhance your product line, offer video guides or live virtual yoga sessions.

Pros and Cons
Growing interest in health and wellness.Must offer accurate and safe guidance.
Can be part of a larger wellness package.Faces competition from free online resources and apps.
Opportunity for video or live session upsells.Requires knowledge of yoga practices and philosophies.
  • Yoga Guides: $5-$30. Detailed guides with illustrations or video content can increase value.

115. Audio and Video Editing Tutorials

Audio and Video Editing Tutorials empower users to improve their editing skills, offering step-by-step guidance. Share your editing expertise and make some money doing it.

Provide different levels and include exclusive resources or one-on-one coaching sessions to increase revenue.

Pros and Cons
High demand for learning resources.Requires expertise and clear, concise instruction.
Potential for upselling with editing templates or presets.Competition with free tutorials available online.
Recurring sales with a series of tutorials.Must be updated to reflect software updates and trends.
  • Editing Tutorials: $10-$200. Comprehensive and niche tutorials can command higher prices.

Start Selling Digital Products Today with Etsy

Etsy’s bustling marketplace is ripe for digital products. It’s not just a platform; it’s a launchpad for your passive income dreams. From hobbyists to pros, Etsy is your digital storefront. Get in, get seen, and get selling with Etsy SEO that puts you in front of buyers.

Creating Digital Products

Unleash your creativity on Etsy with digital products that grab attention. Use tools like Visme to craft eye-catching designs. Think beyond the norm: printable cards, unique crochet patterns, or even business essentials like invoice templates. Dive into Etsy’s digital realm and find your niche.


Canva simplifies digital creation for Etsy sellers. It’s a powerhouse for designing everything from printable art to social media buzz for your store. Use Canva’s vast template library to hit the sweet spot of customer demand. It’s your secret weapon for niche products that pop.


Visme is your digital workshop for Etsy products. It’s not just about looks; it’s about products that resonate. Create planners, ebooks, or even digital stickers. Visme gives you the edge to stand out in Etsy’s crowded marketplace.


Adobe is the professional’s choice for digital artistry on Etsy. Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom—these are your tools for products that wow. Adobe’s suite is a time-saver for Etsy sellers, giving your products a professional gleam that sells.

Tips for Creating Successful Digital Products on Etsy

Success on Etsy means knowing your market and crafting quality, unique products.

Use Visme and Canva to bring your professional designs to life.

SEO-optimize your listings, and don’t forget—stellar customer service is your reputation.

Follow these tips, and watch your Etsy store flourish.

Understanding the Market and Customer Needs

To win on Etsy, get to know your market and what your customers crave.

Stay ahead of trends and tailor your digital offerings. Listen, learn, and adapt.

That’s how you create products that resonate and sell.

Quality and Uniqueness in Design

Quality and uniqueness are your tickets to the top on Etsy.

Use Adobe’s tools to design digital products that stand out.

Keep your designs fresh, on-trend, and in line with what your audience wants.

That’s how you build a standout Etsy store.

The Appeal of Digital Products on Etsy

Etsy’s vast audience is a goldmine for digital product sellers.

Use the platform to build your brand and generate passive income.

As competition grows, a strong brand identity is key.

Etsy is more than a marketplace; it’s your business’s home.

Profitability of Digital Products

Digital products mean high profit margins on Etsy.

Say goodbye to production and shipping costs.

Your Etsy store could be your round-the-clock income generator.

It’s the side hustle that could turn into your main gig.

Advantages of Selling Digital Products

Digital downloads equal instant satisfaction for Etsy shoppers.

Tailor your products to meet customer needs for a global reach.

Digital selling saves you time and opens up a world of marketing possibilities. It’s the smart way to sell on Etsy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Selling Digital Products on Etsy Worth It?

Yes, selling digital products on Etsy can be worth it. With Etsy’s vast reach and active buyer community, aligning your products with the interests of Etsy shoppers can open up significant income opportunities.

How Can I Create High-Quality Digital Products to Sell on Etsy?

  • Creating high-quality digital products for Etsy involves:
  • Understanding your audience’s needs.
  • Using professional tools like Adobe Creative Suite for a polished finish.
  • Offering unique and creative designs to stand out.
  • Providing clear instructions and support for your products.

Do I Need Any Special Software or Tools to Create Digital Products for Etsy?

Yes, creating digital products for Etsy typically requires specific software or tools:

  • Graphic Design: Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator for printables and artwork.
  • Video Editing: Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro for tutorials and courses.

Invest in quality tools to ensure your products meet high standards.

How Do You Handle Returns On Digital Products?

Etsy’s policy generally does not allow returns on digital products. However, sellers can address issues through direct communication with buyers. It’s important to have a clear policy stated in your shop and to handle any issues promptly and effectively.

How Does Etsy Digital Download Work?

Etsy’s digital download feature allows for an easy transaction of digital goods like printables and eBooks. After purchase, buyers can instantly download their items from their Etsy account. Sellers can choose automatic downloads or send items manually.


Selling digital products on Etsy offers a promising avenue for profit in the growing digital goods market.

From templates to audio products, the variety is vast.

Success hinges on quality, understanding market trends, and leveraging Etsy’s platform for promotion.

Dive in, create, and start selling on Etsy to become a top seller and reap the rewards of your digital creations.

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